Screen door is up

19 05 2009

Very cool!

screen door done


Weekends are for work…at least at our house

4 05 2009

I’d planned on spending this weekend having fun and relaxing, not working.  But as usual it (once again) didn’t happen that way.  Saturday we did manage to have some fun watching Wolverine and having a late lunch at Mongolian BBq.  We made a stop at Home Depot  before heading home to pick up the stuff to replace the light switches/covers.  After two months of trying to figure out what to do about the bathroom switch covers Steve finally had a light bulb moment and we found an answer.  We looked several places trying to find the right cover for the duel switch – fan and light.  Light was a flip switch and the light was an up and down lever dimmer switch.  We found nothing to replace the old ugly boring white cover.  Nothing had a flip switch on one side with a square hole on the other.  Finally Friday Steve suggested we replace the light switch with a different kind that would need a square cover – giving us two squares to cover – we knew we could find cover for that….even covers that match the rest of the house.  Steve spent an hour replacing the light switches (2) and the dimmer (he insisted we change out the dimmer to a more modern one – the other one annoyed him). 

Here is the end result…


And while Steve was hard at work on the switches I was busy planting the roses I bought earlier in the week and the other flowers I bought Saturday to replace the tulips I previously had planted.  Here is what I accomplished…




If an hour and a half worth of work on Saturday wasn’t enough I spent at about 3-4 hours more on Sunday.  I planted some more plants I’d bought but hadn’t gotten around to planting (mostly because I wasn’t sure where to put them and if it was still alive).  I then layed more mulch and sprayed more weed killer around the front and back yard (still have the back back yard to do).  Daws helped with that.  I also planted a flower Daws gave me today for Mother’s Day, trimmed many trees and started cleaning out the final garden area I have yet to touch. 


These plants are called Pink Pampas Grass (Hierba Pampas Rosado)  and they are supposed to look like this…


I doubt they’ll ever look that good but maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll at least look better than they currently do.  It’s now almost 8 pm on Sunday night and I’m totally wiped out.  If the yard work wasn’t enough to wear me out the laundry and cooking dinner did me in.  The cat is still laying around the deck – boy I wish I had his life!!!  Steve just left to hang up a flyer with a picture of the cat.  Hopefully someone claims him. Daws is getting way too attached.  Yes, I know he probably needs a pet.  But I need a ton of moo-la and I’m not getting that – we can’t get everything we want now can we???

Damn genuis*

22 03 2009

 This weekend was Daws’ birthday party and in preparation of it I wanted to get some more yard work done.  I did just that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Friday I bought more mulch and some flowers/plants for one of the garden areas…the back left area.  I also bought some flowers for some of the pots and boxes I have.  I managed to plant all the pots and the flower box, as well as   the window box that came with the house I also put some more mulch on areas that needed more thickness. 




Saturday I spent much of my time indoors however I did manage to rearrange the left back garden area and plant a couple of the things I had purchased on Friday.  Steve worked on the garage area and cleaned out the leave and started laying down mulch.  I helped finish that job.  We’ve now gone through 13 1/2 bags of mulch with one last area to mulch.



Today, Sunday, I attempted to kill some weeds and trimmed some of the trees.  I also purchased an outdoor rug and re arranged the deck furniture.  *Genius being I finally figured out our outdoor water problem.  We’ve been having problems getting it to come on. It’s been taking forever to turn on and if we have to turn it off to move the sprinkler we again have to wait forever for it to come back on.  I don’t know why but today after watering the front yard and leaving and coming back and turning it back on to get the back and it not coming on for over 15 minutes I had a light bulb moment.  I went into the house and turned on the kitchen sink and a second later – bam the sprinker was on.  So we tested it and sure enough as soon as we turn on water in the house the outside water comes on. Just like many things about this house – the water is weird!



Landscaping begins

15 03 2009

I was wrong – we have 8 garden areas, not 7.

 My idea of working on 1-2 areas each weekend for a month to get everything done went out the window.  Saturday was filled with yard work, lots and lots of yard work. We just kept working and working and working.  About 7 1/2 hours total.  We started off going to Lowe’s for mulch . I then preceeded to clean up, redo to the bricks and mulch the front circle area. I think it looks so good now!

front-circle-before1   front-circle-after

Steve helped some but he had to pick up all the branches in the front yard, left from me cutting them down on Friday afternoon.  One of them was much higher than the other two and was a major pain to cut down but they do look better so it was worth it.  Let’s just hope they bloom some nice looking leaves because they are still so ugly!


Next we worked on the 2 side areas, the left back area, the other front area and the back center area.  We cleaned up the leaves, pulled lots weeds, removed brick, relayed brick and layed the mulch (10 bags total).  In the process we removed some ugly bush/tree things and cut back a tree next to the deck.  We managed to work on every area minus one (the garage area) and finshed 6 areas total.  The right back area still needs a bit more cleaning up, trees trimmed and mulch but it was 6:00 by the time we got to that area  and we were exhausted. 

And now for the before and after shots…





11 03 2009

I’ve become neglectful at updating this blog.  It’s not that awful considering I barely have any readers however I didn’t start this blog for readers. I did it for myself, to have record of the house progress – something to look back on in a year or so and say – wow I really did accomplish something great didn’t I?!

We are still working hard at getting things done.  Currently we are working on a plan for landscaping the yard.  It’s a ton of work and will be weeks in the making but hopefully by summer we’ll have a wonderfully landscaped yard.  Although considering we spent close to $300 and we didn’t buy one single plant/flower I’m not sure how pretty the 7 seperate garden areas will look but the yard should look nice – if the grass seed we plant works the way we hope that is.

7 seperate garden areas.  Crazy right?  I think my plan is to attack them one by one each weekend we get some nice weather.  Although I have a hard time with that type of plan – generally I jump from one thing to the next – getting bored with one setting.  Hopefully that won’t happen here. 

Here is what I am dealing with…


I’m calling this the back right garden area.  It has all sorts of things going on.  It will be one of the last areas I tackle and hopefully the area needing the least work but it will depend on what starts growing.  So far I know there is trimming to do and weeds to put, maybe some mulch but hopefully it’s not a major project.


This is the back center area.  There are bushes on both sides in front of the deck.  This should be a fairly easy project.  Raking of leaves, cleaning out the area and laying down mulch should make it look good (enough).  I’ve already trimmed back the bushes. 

Next area, back left.  If you look at the picture below, there is a much bigger area to the left of the lamp post.  There are some weird things growing in there (like this ugly bush/tree) and some things starting to bloom as well.  On Saturday Daws and I did alot of work on the area and it already looks much better just cleaning out all the leaves.  Weeds need to be pulled, ugly things dug up and replaced with better plants/flowers and mulching will need to be done.


The next area I’m calling the side garden.  It will be one of the true garden areas.  Things are already blooming all over the place now.  Daffodils we think.  There looks to be a couple other things coming up as well.  I worked on the side garden on Saturday as well.  There are a ton of weeds to be pulled and I want to plant some more flowers and put down mulch.  I’m looking for it, and one other area to really stand out so I’ll be putting most of my efforts into those 2 project (maybe 3 if I decide I want more work).  Again, I don’t have a close up picture with me but it’s the area behind the black fence in the picture below.


Next we have the front circle area (around the tree) and the 2nd area I really want to stand out.  Things are already sprouting up and I plan to add to it – tulips I think – and put down red mulch.  I also believe I will have to put down new bricks for the circle.  The previous owners did a crappy job of laying the bricks. 


The next area is also in the front, the front yard area.  I also worked on it on Saturday, cleaning out a ton of leaves and trimming the bushes.  A few things are starting to sprout up so I’m not sure if I’ll be planting additional things but there is an area in the middle of two sets of bushes that is empty.   It looks weird (as you can see in the photo) so I’m trying to figure out how to fix it.  Of course we’ll mulch it like the other front and hopefully it’ll be one of the easier projects.


Finally we have the garage area (not the best picture).  From the door all the way across to the end you may see the bricks that have been layed out around the area.  The same flowers that are growing elsewhere are here as well.  It’s the area I’m least sure about.  I am torn if I want to make it a 3rd big project or just clean it up, see what grows and leave it be until next year.  It will depend on how much work the other areas take and how much money we shell out.  It’ll be the last project done.


Soon I will post the pictures I took last weekend.  Saturday we all worked hard on the yard.  Steve doing the most work.  It was a great day to work and play.  Daws and I raked up several bags of leaves andpicked up a ton of sticks/branches.  Steve raked up the leaves on the drive way, removed the remaining junk,  and mowed the entire yard to get it ready for seeding.  It looks so much better now.  I didn’t get pictures of the yard after all the work was done but I did take some video.  I put them on flickr…you can check em’ out if you like.

I’m so excited for things to start growing, the grass to (hopefully) start look ing better and everything to shine…especially the sun..spring please come soon!

Week 6

23 02 2009

New furnace/air conditioning unit/heat pump installed – check

Wireless network running and secure – check

Laptop bought and running great – check

Surround sound system hooked up in living room – check

Cable remote programmed – check

All boxes unpacked and cleaned out of living room – check

Majority of artwork/photos hung/displayed – check

Living room wall coat hook up – check

New sheets bed very comfy – check

Daws’ room cleaned and organized appropriately – check

Bathroom wall cabinet put together and on wall – check

Outdoor table and chairs put together and set up on deck – check

Garbage disposal fixed – check

Garage organized, filled with more stuff  and organized again – check

Living room carpets rearranged for better usage – check

New indoor plants bought and planted – check

Outdoor landscaping started (plans in place) – check

New vacuum bought, making cleaning so easy (thank god) – check

Many things have been checked off the list.  But more still to do.  The office being the biggest issue.  I keep getting distracted with other things and haven’t done much in there.  I only use it for laundry sorting so it’s not high on my list.  I’ll get to it eventually – before the open house – I hope.

Daws has made friends with the neighbor boys and I met their Mom on Friday.  Friday was a beautifully gorgeous day and we spent a good part of it outside.  I just hope we can get the yard to look better than it currently does.  I’ve found some things sprouting up – looks like it could be some flowers – nice!  And some of the bushes look like they could bloom something interesting as well.  I just hope the yard grass isn’t as awful as I think it may be. 

There will be a ton of work to be done once the days start getting warmer.  I really need the next month or so of Saturdays to be warm!  It’s the only day both Steve and I can work on the yard together. 

Here’s some pictures I took last week.  A few changes.  Nothing major.


Daws room art & posters up


Steve enjoying the comfy couch (art hung)


Surround sound speakers (no wires showing – nice!).  That was a major Saturday project. 


No more boxes!


New bathroom cabinet

Week 5 (officially)

13 02 2009

After this week I can say that at week 5 we’ve got a ton done.  Yesterday Steve, for the time in a very long time, got off work early.  He was headed home by 1 so I decided I’d take off early as well.

We managed to get a ton of shit done and I’m so glad since it means we can actually enjoy the weekend instead of working our butts off again.  Steve mostly worked on the garage and I helped a little.  It looks so good.  I forgot to get a picture though – doh!

He also hung up the rest of the shades, put together the medicine cabinet I bought and finished getting up the rest of the outside lights, set up my old bed in Daws room, moved out the futon to the garage (I helped some).  The garage was a huge job in of itself.  I managed to get some stuff done..finally going through some of the boxes in the living room and putting stuff away.  As it stands I have just one box to go through in the living room and finish up the office and we are done with the big projects.  The end is near.  Woo effn hoo!


Finally complete privacy!



I have way too many pictures of Daws I think.  Steve mentioned  this morning how he felt like he lived in a place no one would know he lived in because he’s not “there” .  I told him well give me pictures and I’ll put them up.  Simple solution for 2 issues.  I’d love to get family photos taken but I just don’t want to be photographed right now.


I’m so close in finishing the living room.  One of those boxes is empty.  3 down 1 to go.  Then I have to finish hanging up the rest of the artwork and it’s D O N E!!!


New bed sorta made.  Steve is buying me very nice Egyptian Cotton sheets for Valentine’s Day.  I can’t wait til they get here!!!


Daws room with the bigger bed.  It really didn’t take up much more room and he likes it so it worked out nicely.  As you can see he’s sleeping like a baby.  I snuck into his room and took pics using the flash…he never woke up.  Damn I wish I could sleep like that!  Yes his room still needs quite a bit of work.  He’s not a very well organized child.  I want to get in there and fix it but then I think – why bother – he’ll just have it messed up again soon enough.