Kitchen faucet replacement

15 05 2010

Before and after shots…


Fresh air is good

20 05 2009

Being able to open both french doors is very nice!  Even though it was almost 80 degrees outside yesterday when I got home, inside it was 68 and it felt good!  It even felt chilly by 9:30.  I love the new screen doors!

House and screen 003

I took some pictures this morning of the house.  Finally all the trees are in full bloom.  Except for some bare spots in the yard (thanks to some major weed spraying) it’s looking very green all around the house these days..and   I love it!

House and screen 012

House and screen 004House and screen 014

We had yet another window company come by to give us an estimate for the 3 bedrooms windows that need to be replaced.  Another 3K+ estimate.  Ugh!  I still can’t wrap my head around the cost.  I haven’t been able to justify it yet.  I need to keep telling myself we are talking about 5 windows total…even though it’s only 3 rooms.  But 3500 dollars is way more than I’d like to pay for windows.  Even with a lesser window (2 pane vs triple) with HDepot it’s still going to cost 2800.  Yes, sure, there is a tax credit but only up to 1500. Ugh!

New kitchen

26 04 2009

Almost.  Minus the counter-tops everything is new and looking fantastic in our kitchen.  So exciting!



My Dad was a huge help installing the dishwasher, which was a huge pain, and took the longest.  The stove and microwave were easy to install.  It took almost 3 hours to get the old appliances out, install the new and clean up.  Daws is so excited about the dishwasher (his chore) and I am in love with the stove.  I wish I could afford the counter-tops.  We’re hoping by next year we’ll be able to upgrade them.  Steve thinks we could do it in stages-doing the sink counter then the other side.  I’d prefer to do them all at once.

Work is never done

23 04 2009

Neither are the addtionals costs.  Lat night I once again had to water the lawn/plants/gardens.  I’m still working hard on the lawn and trying to get some grass to grow in the many bare spots.  The outside water situation is a huge pain the ass sometimes.  Bad enough it doesn’t come until you turn on the water inside but the last couple times I used it, it stopped working and wouldn’t continue without the water inside being on.  What kind of crap piping that is I have no idea, what I am sure of is it’ll probably cost a fortune to fix. 

Steve managed to get all the kitchen cabinet handles on.  It looks good.  But after looking at pictures today I am leaning towards changing up the hinges as well.  In person it doesn’t look so “off” but today I’m thinking it was just because it was dark when he was done and I was too tired to notice.  Another thing that’ll cost too much.

What do you think?  Here’s some before and after shots…




22 04 2009

In preparation for the new appliances I decided it was time to change out the kitchen hardware I’ve wanted to replace since I bought the house.  The kitchen cabinet handles were these ugly things…


My first and second choices in replacement handles were way too costly.  The first $8 the second $6.50.  Which would have cost way too much (since we needed 28 total) so I went with the best option.  It wasn’t my 3rd (or 4th or 5th) choice but it was the best option since all the cheaper other handles I liked better wouldn’t have fit correctly.  So here’s what we ended up with…


And now I just have to decide what to do about the hinges that now don’t match.  Replace them (which will be costly), try to paint them or leave them be.  The handles do look much better and I’m happy with them…


I’ve also realized just how bad the counter tops are going to look with everything new.  Although I can’t do anything about it for awhile I’ve decided they too must change.  One thing at a time and the list keeps a grow’n!

New views

20 04 2009

My new view after furniture rearrangment…


Next project…finding and installing new hardware  for the kitchen cabinets.  I figure if everything else is brand new they should be too.  Then it really will look like a brand new kitchen.  And you know what both boys said when I said this?  “Well, after we get new granite countertops”.  Two seperate conversations at different times yesterday and they both said the same thing.  I think Steve has been talking about those countertops for awhile if Daws is now talking about them.  It’s not my priority.  The new appliances are.  And they’ll be installed this Friday!!!!

I’m so excited!!  I will have brand new everything and it’ll all match.  The range gives me the most joy – although the new dishwasher is the nicest of the bunch.  Any improvement in a stove is major.  I hate/loath/dispise my current stove.  I started to hate cooking because of it.  But in 4 days it will be gone.  Yes!

Now I just have to go shopping for some cabinet hardware.  Aw, darn – more shopping.  What a pity!

Bar stools at last

24 02 2009

Finally I found some bar stools.  I’ve been looking for a month now.  Most new were way too expensive or ugly if cheap.  So I started looking on craigslist…and looking…and looking.  I found 2 ok for ok price but I really need 3.

Finally I found these..




Perfect wood color, seat color, price – right height.  There are 4 but one more than we need can’t hurt (esp since the price is so good).  I’m paying the same for 4 partly used (seller only selling them because she ordered the wrong height) as I would for 2 new… so by tomorrow these will be in our home.  Score!!