New bedroom windows

30 04 2010

Since day one I knew at some point I would have to replaced the windows in all 3 bedrooms.  After getting several estimates and thanks to my nice tax refund I finally got my wish.

Before and after’s….

Daws’ room –

Office –

My bedroom –


Bathroom Updates

29 04 2010

It was finally time to redo the bathroom floors.  I hated the old tiles – they were cold, ugly and not done well.  At the same time we(Steve mostly) did the floors I painted the sink cabinet. We still have to finish it all up with the new mouldings but it already looks 5x better!

Before and after’s…



In process shots…

New Art

22 08 2009

The art I purchased in Oregon is finally matted framed and on display. 



Gorgeous right?  It’s hanging over the television.



I also found a couple art posters for the bedroom while waiting for the matte.  I’ve been looking for some art for the bedroom and got lucky finding them at 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  One still needs a frame – I wanted to see if the cheap frame looked ok before I purchased a second one.  I wasn’t able to get a great photo with or without the flash 😦




Bedroom changes

31 05 2009

If the ugliness wasn’t enough the constant noise of the bedroom ceiling fan was more than enough to want a change.  Of course it was low on my list of what to change so it wasn’t going to be changed anytime soon.  Until Steve had had enough of it as well and decided to pick it from my list of birthday wishes.

The old…

old ceiling fan

And the beautiful oh so quiet new one…

ceiling fan

I love my new fan.  Not only does it make the room even more beautiful it functions so much better than the old one.  One more thing done, another 100 to go.

Next up for the bedroom new closet doors and (I hope) a new dresser.

ceiling fan 1

Day 23-24

2 02 2009

Like all of the bedrooms, Daws’ room is still a work in progress but I think he really likes it.  He escaped the big move, I left him at my parents, but he did pack and is unpacking his things.

Here’s his room in progress…




Day 15-17

26 01 2009

Another long weekend of work.  I worked harder this weekend than any other before.  I’m exhausted!!  I took some time off Friday in the hopes I would get enough done not to have to do so much work Sat/Sun.  That didn’t happen. 

Friday I worked on the wall around the front door.  I had to prime and paint it.  As the primer dried I started the living room molding.  I was there until about 6.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get more done. 

Saturday I was up early.  We had to take my broken dryer to a place to get fixed so I borrowed my Dads rendevous.  We then packed it up with lots of stuff and headed over to Greenwood.  I started on the rest of the moldings while Steve worked on the molding he’d taken down from the dining area.  He had the easiest job I think.  Not only did he have the easiest job of painting moldings after than he did no more painting.  I made a deal if he cleaned the entire bathroom I’d do the rest of the trim in the bathroom and start on the white of the bedroom.  He’d help me with it when he was done.

And as it goes with men. You make a deal and you do your part and more – they don’t finish there part.  I painted all the trim in the bathroom, started the white in the bedroom (which included molding, doors, and two shelf units) and he started the bathroom.  He decided at 8:40 he wanted to buy a new toilet seat instead of cleaning it.  Since he left so late he missed Home Depot and had to go to Walmart – much farther away.  He was done until almost 10.  Mean while I had finished the entire bedroom myself.

We also had the new couch delievered and set up the living room (mostly).  Here are some of the photos I took.  I think it looks like it could be in a magazine – at least that’s what Daws said when he first saw the 2nd picture – and I agree.




I don’t  have pictures of the bedroom.  I was way too tired Sat. night to take any.  I didn’t make it home until 11.  I’ll take some this week. 

Sunday I did manage to get some pictures but only of Daws painting.  Sunday we painted his room.  I was going to leave it up to him and see how it turned out but realized soon he wasn’t going to be too good at the trim.  While Daws did an excellent job at most of the painting I still managed to do about 1/3 of his room with him.  The poor baby was exhausted by the time we finished.  We started at 1:30 and weren’t done and cleaning up until 5:30.  He did take a couple short breaks and one longer break while I shampooed carpets.  I don’t have full after pictures but I do have during pictures of Daws painting and a video. I’ve posted the video on my facebook page if you’d like to see it.



First 10 days

19 01 2009

I closed on a Friday night and with key in hand headed to Lowe’s to get all the things needed to start the process of repainting all the rooms.  Yes, every room.  Well sorta – at that time I had decided I wouldn’t repaint the kitchen – that plan has since been changed.  Saturday the 10th was our first day of working on the new house.  And as one would expect we found all kinds of fun things to work on, fix, clean, redo in some form or another.  The list of things to do just kept getting longer and longer.  The stresses of new home ownership had started right off the bat.

I picked out all the colors for the rooms, Daws picked his room color and we were off to start the work.  Our first major project was taking down wallpaper.  It took all day that first day of work.  Of course there were breaks but in total I bet it took 3 hours to get that crap down.  Here is the before picture…picture-0391

And the after..


I didn’t get a good picture of just the wall after but this one shows enough of how crappy it looked after the wallpaper came down.  I took this picture to show the new rugs I purchased for the living room.  It’s all hardwood floors in there and it needed pretty area rugs.  I love these…especially since I got such a good deal on them!

The second day of work was on Sunday.  Daws was a huge help to me that day helping me to prime the god ugly bathroom to prep it for the much better colors I’d picked out.  I didn’t get a picture of the after – once the priming was done – but I will show the before and after bathroom later.  We knocked out the priming of the bathroom on Sunday as well as cleaning carpet to see if they would need to be replaced.  One room is good, the other I will want to replace.

That following week Daws and I went to what we are referring to as the Greenwood house every single night except one.  I still don’t understand how I was over there so much and not much seemed to get accomplished.  I should have started this blog earlier and maybe I could remember just what I was working on each night.  We did finish the first coat of paint in the bathroom that I know for sure.  I finished the bathroom minus the molding last Saturday the 17th. 

Here’s the before and after of the bathroom…



Saturday I finished the bathroom, finished my bedroom (which included the trim & the ceiling) and started the primer in the living room entirely by myself in less that 3 hours.  My helpers were no help until later that evening when we knocked out the painting of the living room walls.  Sunday the 18th I did the second coat of the living room walls and most of the trim, again all by myself.  Today Monday I’m exhausted.  But we did get alot done.

Living room before and after..





Bedroom before and after…



Yes the bottom half isnt’ fully done.  I’m doing all the white throughout the house this week and into the weekend (hopefully just the week).