Dig a tunnel

30 09 2010

Last weekend Daws and I dug some more holes for planting.  Dig a tunnel (from Lion King) kept repeating in my head as we were digging the holes.  Last year we planted over 50 bulbs and I was very disappointed in how many tulips didn’t come up.  Less than half actually bloomed.  I love tulips so I thought I’d try it once more and plant some in a different spot and more in one of the spots where they actually did bloom.  Planted about 30 this time, very cool purple and pink.  Hopefully next spring they’ll be a ton of tulips around this house. 

I’m debating doing some more work on the backyard where the grass doesn’t seem to want to grow around the tree (the one hit by lighting a few months ago).  I’m so sick of looking at that area, it looks like crapola.  Hundreds of dollars later the grass died after only a couple months growth. 

Did I mention I’m sick of yard work.  It NEVER ends!




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