More yard work

14 09 2009

In preparation for our upcoming housewarming party I was outside once again doing too much yardwork.  We bought a hedge saw so I cut the bushes down – all 22 of them.  Daws counted!  I layed down more mulch in two of the areas that were overgrown with weeds.  Mulch doesn’t kill weeds people – not in the least-doesn’t help one bit-even though right on the bag it claims it does – liars!  I bought 3 more bags of mulch – had one left over and Steve had to go by two more.  This time I layed it out much thicker – hoping it would work better. 

yardwork in sept 2009 006

We planted a couple small rose bushes and will probably add a third in front of the lamp.  The daffodils come up every year in the front so I’m not changing much there.

yardwork in sept 2009 018yardwork in sept 2009 016

I cut the crap out of the bushes as you can see.  I had to- to make them look similar I had to cut the middle ones small then the one on the right looked dumb being so big next to the other bushes.  I bought a new planter and planted some mums – they are beautiful.

yardwork in sept 2009 004

The back bushes won’t look the small thanks to area not being level.  But they look much better so I’m happy with that.

yardwork in sept 2009 010

New nice comfy swivel chairs. 

yardwork in sept 2009 009 yardwork in sept 2009 036 yardwork in sept 2009 041

New tropical plants – one came from Steve’s shop and needs some love.

yardwork in sept 2009 021

Side bushes but what I want you to see it the nice CLEAN from millions of leaves drive way.  We bought a new blower and it’s GREAT!




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