Fresh air is good

20 05 2009

Being able to open both french doors is very nice!  Even though it was almost 80 degrees outside yesterday when I got home, inside it was 68 and it felt good!  It even felt chilly by 9:30.  I love the new screen doors!

House and screen 003

I took some pictures this morning of the house.  Finally all the trees are in full bloom.  Except for some bare spots in the yard (thanks to some major weed spraying) it’s looking very green all around the house these days..and   I love it!

House and screen 012

House and screen 004House and screen 014

We had yet another window company come by to give us an estimate for the 3 bedrooms windows that need to be replaced.  Another 3K+ estimate.  Ugh!  I still can’t wrap my head around the cost.  I haven’t been able to justify it yet.  I need to keep telling myself we are talking about 5 windows total…even though it’s only 3 rooms.  But 3500 dollars is way more than I’d like to pay for windows.  Even with a lesser window (2 pane vs triple) with HDepot it’s still going to cost 2800.  Yes, sure, there is a tax credit but only up to 1500. Ugh!




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