Making it beautiful

11 05 2009

I want to buy more flowers.  I have had to resist the urge to buy more and more.  However after the last time I planted the roses and such it became much easier.  I decided I was too tired from all the work it took to plant and plant and plant some more.  So I figured I was done.

Yet I still keep going to the garden department at Home Depot (when we had to go there Sat. to get wood to get that darn back door screen up).  No, it’s still not up.  At home depot I managed to get out of there with no new flowers/plants.  I wanted one or two hanging plants since 2 of the ones I have don’t seem to be doing well.  I couldn’t find anything that looked good for the price.

That changed on Sunday when I went to a local nursery and found these beauties…

front of house

For only 6 dollars more than what HDepot was charging for much smaller plants I got these.  The purple is HUGE and so gorgeous.  The red looked fuller until I hung it up but I’m sure it’ll get much bigger. 

The front of the house looks so good now.  It’s the neighbors fault…my obsession with adding new things weekly.  I think it looks good then one of the neighbors will add something and I’ll think it needs more.  I think I’m done though.  It’s a huge pain in the butt to water everything with the outside water issues that seem to have gotten worse.  I don’t need to refill the water pitcher 10 times every 3 days to water them all – 5-6 times enough!!

front of house1




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