Screen doors

5 05 2009

The new house has no screen doors on the front or back doors.  Since the weather has been nice it’s become very annoying not being able to have the doors open for the breeze.  And now with the cat still hanging around I can’t even open the doors at all.  While at Lowe’s this weekend I came across a possible fix to the back door problem.  Since it’s a french door it was going to be costly so I decided to think about it.  After an entire weekend of not being able to leave the door open I decided to head to Home Depot to see what they had.

I found a retractable screen door similar to what Lowe’s had for 129.00.  For the french door I was going to have to buy two.  Less than thrilled at shelling that kind of money out I decided to just buy one and see how it worked out.  As it worked out they only had one left anyway.  It took 10+ minutes to get someone to come help me and answer some questions I had.  Then I found two of the 3 they had left the boxes were open and they didn’t include all the parts.  The store employee found another non opened box but I wasn’t even sure it would work because it was for a sliding glass door not a swing door.  But I figured if it didn’t work I’d just bring it back.  Steve would be off Tuesday and maybe I’d get lucky and I’d have a screen door by the next day.  So we went to check out and the cashier says “well that can’t be right” the item rung up as 1 cent.  I said “well I’ll take it for that”.  So she called another person over and she rang it up with the number and again it rang up 1 cent.  So she had to call the guys in the back.  So again I’m waiting forever.  The girl hangs up the phone and says “he says to tell you have a nice day” and I said “what” totally confused by that statement.  Then she says he said to just take it.  I said “what, really”.  She said yes and I said how and she said it’s supposed to go on clearance since it’s the last one so he said just take it and have a nice day.  FREE!!  Wowza.

So the fact that I DO indeed need 2 of them for it to work with the french doors properly isn’t such a huge deal.  It’s only going to cost the 129.00 I was willing to pay.  Nice!

These things NEVER happen to me.  My karma must finally be changing!  Tonight we go to another Home Depot for the 2nd screen and hopefully this weekend they’ll be up and I’ll be enjoying the nice outdoors indoors!





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