Weekends are for work…at least at our house

4 05 2009

I’d planned on spending this weekend having fun and relaxing, not working.  But as usual it (once again) didn’t happen that way.  Saturday we did manage to have some fun watching Wolverine and having a late lunch at Mongolian BBq.  We made a stop at Home Depot  before heading home to pick up the stuff to replace the light switches/covers.  After two months of trying to figure out what to do about the bathroom switch covers Steve finally had a light bulb moment and we found an answer.  We looked several places trying to find the right cover for the duel switch – fan and light.  Light was a flip switch and the light was an up and down lever dimmer switch.  We found nothing to replace the old ugly boring white cover.  Nothing had a flip switch on one side with a square hole on the other.  Finally Friday Steve suggested we replace the light switch with a different kind that would need a square cover – giving us two squares to cover – we knew we could find cover for that….even covers that match the rest of the house.  Steve spent an hour replacing the light switches (2) and the dimmer (he insisted we change out the dimmer to a more modern one – the other one annoyed him). 

Here is the end result…


And while Steve was hard at work on the switches I was busy planting the roses I bought earlier in the week and the other flowers I bought Saturday to replace the tulips I previously had planted.  Here is what I accomplished…




If an hour and a half worth of work on Saturday wasn’t enough I spent at about 3-4 hours more on Sunday.  I planted some more plants I’d bought but hadn’t gotten around to planting (mostly because I wasn’t sure where to put them and if it was still alive).  I then layed more mulch and sprayed more weed killer around the front and back yard (still have the back back yard to do).  Daws helped with that.  I also planted a flower Daws gave me today for Mother’s Day, trimmed many trees and started cleaning out the final garden area I have yet to touch. 


These plants are called Pink Pampas Grass (Hierba Pampas Rosado)  and they are supposed to look like this…


I doubt they’ll ever look that good but maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll at least look better than they currently do.  It’s now almost 8 pm on Sunday night and I’m totally wiped out.  If the yard work wasn’t enough to wear me out the laundry and cooking dinner did me in.  The cat is still laying around the deck – boy I wish I had his life!!!  Steve just left to hang up a flyer with a picture of the cat.  Hopefully someone claims him. Daws is getting way too attached.  Yes, I know he probably needs a pet.  But I need a ton of moo-la and I’m not getting that – we can’t get everything we want now can we???




One response

10 05 2009

Ewww, I’m loving the pink Pompass Grass. Actually I like anything pink! I need some of this in my front yard!

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