More planting

26 04 2009

I finally planted the new flowers I bought last week.  I also dug up some of the daffodils and moved some of them to a different area.  I’ve pretty much decided to not do much else with the garden areas but maintain what we currently have.  With the exception of this garden area…


I want to plant a rose bush in the back part of this area.  It’s hard to tell in the picture above but this is one area I dug up some of the daffodils.  I moved some from the right side to the left side to help fill in the bareness of it.  I hope the daffodils don’t die but if they do I’ll just plant some in the fall for next year.  Here’s a better picture of what I did.  The moved one don’t look near as good but hopefully they’ll look better in a few weeks.  The other daffodils I moved last month are looking much better than they did when I first moved them.


Here’s some pics of the new flowers I planted.  I may also put a rose bush in the back of this area but probably not until next year.  






One response

28 04 2009
Emma Dog

Looks great! Almost makes me wish I had my own outdoor garden spots!

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