Work is never done

23 04 2009

Neither are the addtionals costs.  Lat night I once again had to water the lawn/plants/gardens.  I’m still working hard on the lawn and trying to get some grass to grow in the many bare spots.  The outside water situation is a huge pain the ass sometimes.  Bad enough it doesn’t come until you turn on the water inside but the last couple times I used it, it stopped working and wouldn’t continue without the water inside being on.  What kind of crap piping that is I have no idea, what I am sure of is it’ll probably cost a fortune to fix. 

Steve managed to get all the kitchen cabinet handles on.  It looks good.  But after looking at pictures today I am leaning towards changing up the hinges as well.  In person it doesn’t look so “off” but today I’m thinking it was just because it was dark when he was done and I was too tired to notice.  Another thing that’ll cost too much.

What do you think?  Here’s some before and after shots…






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