22 04 2009

In preparation for the new appliances I decided it was time to change out the kitchen hardware I’ve wanted to replace since I bought the house.  The kitchen cabinet handles were these ugly things…


My first and second choices in replacement handles were way too costly.  The first $8 the second $6.50.  Which would have cost way too much (since we needed 28 total) so I went with the best option.  It wasn’t my 3rd (or 4th or 5th) choice but it was the best option since all the cheaper other handles I liked better wouldn’t have fit correctly.  So here’s what we ended up with…


And now I just have to decide what to do about the hinges that now don’t match.  Replace them (which will be costly), try to paint them or leave them be.  The handles do look much better and I’m happy with them…


I’ve also realized just how bad the counter tops are going to look with everything new.  Although I can’t do anything about it for awhile I’ve decided they too must change.  One thing at a time and the list keeps a grow’n!




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24 04 2009

The hardware is nice. It is very expensive – that’s why my new cabinets have NONE. lol Eventually they will. And an idea on your hinges – you could get paint for metal and paint them to match. It would be a ton cheaper. I’m laughing as I read your posts – you sound like me. My house was fine when I bought it, nothing major just replaced carpet and painted. Now I’ve replaced every light figure and fan, all kitchen cabinets, countertops, and as we speak, Scott is working on the pergo floors in there. I think I might try to get some more flooring (bought the other about 2 years ago) and take up the carpet in the hall and living room. Your house is more and more pretty! 🙂

24 04 2009

Yes paint it the first option to try out and see what it looks like. Since the hinges are 3 bucks a piece and we need like 32 of them I think paint is a much better idea 🙂
I’m glad I don’t have to replace cabinets or countertops just yet – that’s way too expensive…although I’ve prob shelled out more than I would for those for all the stuff I’ve done so far. I really should have kept better track of all the costs. I do have all the receipts here and there maybe I’ll get organized. Although maybe I don’t REALLY want to know how much I’ve spent LOL

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