New views

20 04 2009

My new view after furniture rearrangment…


Next project…finding and installing new hardware  for the kitchen cabinets.  I figure if everything else is brand new they should be too.  Then it really will look like a brand new kitchen.  And you know what both boys said when I said this?  “Well, after we get new granite countertops”.  Two seperate conversations at different times yesterday and they both said the same thing.  I think Steve has been talking about those countertops for awhile if Daws is now talking about them.  It’s not my priority.  The new appliances are.  And they’ll be installed this Friday!!!!

I’m so excited!!  I will have brand new everything and it’ll all match.  The range gives me the most joy – although the new dishwasher is the nicest of the bunch.  Any improvement in a stove is major.  I hate/loath/dispise my current stove.  I started to hate cooking because of it.  But in 4 days it will be gone.  Yes!

Now I just have to go shopping for some cabinet hardware.  Aw, darn – more shopping.  What a pity!




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