Damn genuis*

22 03 2009

 This weekend was Daws’ birthday party and in preparation of it I wanted to get some more yard work done.  I did just that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Friday I bought more mulch and some flowers/plants for one of the garden areas…the back left area.  I also bought some flowers for some of the pots and boxes I have.  I managed to plant all the pots and the flower box, as well as   the window box that came with the house I also put some more mulch on areas that needed more thickness. 




Saturday I spent much of my time indoors however I did manage to rearrange the left back garden area and plant a couple of the things I had purchased on Friday.  Steve worked on the garage area and cleaned out the leave and started laying down mulch.  I helped finish that job.  We’ve now gone through 13 1/2 bags of mulch with one last area to mulch.



Today, Sunday, I attempted to kill some weeds and trimmed some of the trees.  I also purchased an outdoor rug and re arranged the deck furniture.  *Genius being I finally figured out our outdoor water problem.  We’ve been having problems getting it to come on. It’s been taking forever to turn on and if we have to turn it off to move the sprinkler we again have to wait forever for it to come back on.  I don’t know why but today after watering the front yard and leaving and coming back and turning it back on to get the back and it not coming on for over 15 minutes I had a light bulb moment.  I went into the house and turned on the kitchen sink and a second later – bam the sprinker was on.  So we tested it and sure enough as soon as we turn on water in the house the outside water comes on. Just like many things about this house – the water is weird!






2 responses

5 04 2009

You go on with your bad self! Look at the place– amazing! Good job! 🙂 It’ amazing what some mulch does to make things look pretty. I’d do some of this in my own yard if it would ever quit snowing.

13 04 2009

Looks amazing, can you come do my yard?

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