Landscaping begins

15 03 2009

I was wrong – we have 8 garden areas, not 7.

 My idea of working on 1-2 areas each weekend for a month to get everything done went out the window.  Saturday was filled with yard work, lots and lots of yard work. We just kept working and working and working.  About 7 1/2 hours total.  We started off going to Lowe’s for mulch . I then preceeded to clean up, redo to the bricks and mulch the front circle area. I think it looks so good now!

front-circle-before1   front-circle-after

Steve helped some but he had to pick up all the branches in the front yard, left from me cutting them down on Friday afternoon.  One of them was much higher than the other two and was a major pain to cut down but they do look better so it was worth it.  Let’s just hope they bloom some nice looking leaves because they are still so ugly!


Next we worked on the 2 side areas, the left back area, the other front area and the back center area.  We cleaned up the leaves, pulled lots weeds, removed brick, relayed brick and layed the mulch (10 bags total).  In the process we removed some ugly bush/tree things and cut back a tree next to the deck.  We managed to work on every area minus one (the garage area) and finshed 6 areas total.  The right back area still needs a bit more cleaning up, trees trimmed and mulch but it was 6:00 by the time we got to that area  and we were exhausted. 

And now for the before and after shots…







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