Week 6

23 02 2009

New furnace/air conditioning unit/heat pump installed – check

Wireless network running and secure – check

Laptop bought and running great – check

Surround sound system hooked up in living room – check

Cable remote programmed – check

All boxes unpacked and cleaned out of living room – check

Majority of artwork/photos hung/displayed – check

Living room wall coat hook up – check

New sheets arrived..new bed very comfy – check

Daws’ room cleaned and organized appropriately – check

Bathroom wall cabinet put together and on wall – check

Outdoor table and chairs put together and set up on deck – check

Garbage disposal fixed – check

Garage organized, filled with more stuff  and organized again – check

Living room carpets rearranged for better usage – check

New indoor plants bought and planted – check

Outdoor landscaping started (plans in place) – check

New vacuum bought, making cleaning so easy (thank god) – check

Many things have been checked off the list.  But more still to do.  The office being the biggest issue.  I keep getting distracted with other things and haven’t done much in there.  I only use it for laundry sorting so it’s not high on my list.  I’ll get to it eventually – before the open house – I hope.

Daws has made friends with the neighbor boys and I met their Mom on Friday.  Friday was a beautifully gorgeous day and we spent a good part of it outside.  I just hope we can get the yard to look better than it currently does.  I’ve found some things sprouting up – looks like it could be some flowers – nice!  And some of the bushes look like they could bloom something interesting as well.  I just hope the yard grass isn’t as awful as I think it may be. 

There will be a ton of work to be done once the days start getting warmer.  I really need the next month or so of Saturdays to be warm!  It’s the only day both Steve and I can work on the yard together. 

Here’s some pictures I took last week.  A few changes.  Nothing major.


Daws room art & posters up


Steve enjoying the comfy couch (art hung)


Surround sound speakers (no wires showing – nice!).  That was a major Saturday project. 


No more boxes!


New bathroom cabinet




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