Week 5 (officially)

13 02 2009

After this week I can say that at week 5 we’ve got a ton done.  Yesterday Steve, for the time in a very long time, got off work early.  He was headed home by 1 so I decided I’d take off early as well.

We managed to get a ton of shit done and I’m so glad since it means we can actually enjoy the weekend instead of working our butts off again.  Steve mostly worked on the garage and I helped a little.  It looks so good.  I forgot to get a picture though – doh!

He also hung up the rest of the shades, put together the medicine cabinet I bought and finished getting up the rest of the outside lights, set up my old bed in Daws room, moved out the futon to the garage (I helped some).  The garage was a huge job in of itself.  I managed to get some stuff done..finally going through some of the boxes in the living room and putting stuff away.  As it stands I have just one box to go through in the living room and finish up the office and we are done with the big projects.  The end is near.  Woo effn hoo!


Finally complete privacy!



I have way too many pictures of Daws I think.  Steve mentioned  this morning how he felt like he lived in a place no one would know he lived in because he’s not “there” .  I told him well give me pictures and I’ll put them up.  Simple solution for 2 issues.  I’d love to get family photos taken but I just don’t want to be photographed right now.


I’m so close in finishing the living room.  One of those boxes is empty.  3 down 1 to go.  Then I have to finish hanging up the rest of the artwork and it’s D O N E!!!


New bed sorta made.  Steve is buying me very nice Egyptian Cotton sheets for Valentine’s Day.  I can’t wait til they get here!!!


Daws room with the bigger bed.  It really didn’t take up much more room and he likes it so it worked out nicely.  As you can see he’s sleeping like a baby.  I snuck into his room and took pics using the flash…he never woke up.  Damn I wish I could sleep like that!  Yes his room still needs quite a bit of work.  He’s not a very well organized child.  I want to get in there and fix it but then I think – why bother – he’ll just have it messed up again soon enough.




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