Week 5 continued

12 02 2009

picture-002New bed – unmade


New plants (hopefully I don’t kill these)


New towel rods in bathroom (had zero) as you can see the previous owners left us a nice hole where one used to be.


Re-arranged the curtains in the living room.


New shades for doors.  We will be putting up the same type in red in on the kitchen french doors (as soon as Steve gets to it). 


New end table.  It was difficult to find them small enough and when I did I only found one.  I guess it’ll have to do.  Is it bed decor to have end tables that aren’t exactly the same?


New fireplace tools.  Yes we’re using fire logs as well as wood.  So what?? lol


Office curtains.  They do match better than the picture shows here and they look really great from the outside/backside of the house.  I’m debating whether to hang another set of two with these.


My shelf.  Steve hasn’t finished decorating his…it’s much different than mine.


Better shot of the fireplace mantel.  The artwork was done by my grandmother and it’s always displayed prominently in my house even if it doesn’t go with the decor…so it’s on the mantel for all to see and enjoy.  I love it!

Lots done but the list keeps on growing.  I tried to clean out the garage by dumping the boxes (many) we don’t need but the trash men were at my house at 8:03 as I was putting the boxes into my car to dump at the curb.  Everytime I go in the bathroom I see something else that needs to be done.  Daws room is a nightmare and we are putting my old queen bed in there now so more work added.  I rarely even spend time in the living room so there are still boxes to unpack and the surround sound/dvd player & Wii still isn’t hooked up.  I think the only room done close to 100% is the kitchen.  And I found out the tv in Daws room isn’t getting the cable channels right.  I think it has to do with the damn remote that I don’t know where the hell it is that and the universal remote that can’t seem to get one function to work right.  Hmm…wonder if I can find the manual, ugh!  The work will never end!!!




2 responses

17 02 2009

Looks like it’s all coming together nicely =)

23 02 2009

Thanks S!

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