Day 27

6 02 2009

Didn’t get much done yesterday. Too many other things to do. I may have finally found a solution to the doors with window problem. For sure the front door is done. I may go with the same roman shapes for the back doors but not sure. The one I bought from Target last night hasn’t been huge up so I’ll decided once it’s up. It’s about 2 inches too short put all the way down – which is dooable for the front door since you can’t really see it. But for the back doors – I’m not sure it’ll be as easy to deal with.

I found the bedroom set I really want. It’s at nebraska furniture mart. I couldn’t get the larger picture to copy but HERE is the link.  It’s exactly what I want…and I’ve looked at a ton of shit.  I have a cheaper choice but it’s at overstock and I’m just not sure about ordering big furniture online.  I wonder what kind of discount you can ask for and get at nfm??  I wonder if could get them to knock 500 off?? 





2 responses

8 02 2009

Sooo nice. Good luck with purchasing; it’s kind of scary making a large buy like that online. And I would say you should be able to get them to knock off a bit from the price, especially since the economy is so bad– they want customers.

It’s SOOOO exciting getting new furniture. I’m almost 33 and have NEVER bought a bedroom set. 😦

9 02 2009

Furniture set won’t be coming too soon 😦 Windows are more important and much more expensive that originally thought.

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