Day 26

5 02 2009

I’m trying to do a little bit of unpacking, purging and organizing every night this week in the hopes I won’t have to much to do this weekend.  Especially since most of Saturday is shot with Daws’ art class and the boys getting hair cuts….plus it’s supposed to be GORGEOUS Saturday here so who wants to be stuck inside…not me!!

Last night I began tackling the office.  I didn’t get all of it done since I didn’t start til almost 7 and quit to watch Lost at 8.  But I did make some minor progress.





Hey what’s that box doing there?  Daws must have snuck it in on me after I quit working.  The office will also be part laundry sorting area since the laundry room in actually a laundry closet.  We have to get the office ready and computer hooked up by Monday when the people come out to install cable and internet. 

Daws is so excited to finally have internet that he’s agreed to pay $1.00 a week out of  his allowance to have it.  I wasn’t going to get it this soon but we get really shitty reception and I got a very good deal with Comcast.  I checked on direct tv and comcast which are the only two services worth a damn that we can even get.  I stumbled upon an internet deal with Comcast that gets us a wireless modem for free and cash back so I jumped on it.  Since I’ll have a laptop by the end of the month it all worked out nicely!!  Now I just have to put some monitoring software on Daws computer to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere he’s not supposed to.  I never thought I’d be doing it this soon but he’s a smart one and it’s become very clear lately he is too grown up for his own good!




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