Day 22-23…the move

3 02 2009


After all the work and painting done on friday it made for a difficult morning Saturday.  I hadn’t even finished packing.  We had to go pick up the dryer, meet the guy about the furnance issue and pick up the U-Haul. Luckily most things went smoothly and we were loading stuff up by noon. 

I’m not 100% done still on Tuesday but very close.  A few things were left in Belton that will be dealt with this Saturday (at least that’s the plan).



Still let to do; paint the doors, fix the bottom molding, stain the sink cabinet, find and purchase a storage cabinet (to go above toilet) in lieu of a medicine cabinet, and purchase a hand towel and toilet paper holder. 



Still to do;  take a better picture of it all done, find window coverings for the door, fix the garbage disposal (stopped working Sunday), find and purchase bar stools, trash can and toaster.

Dining room (before & after)…




To do; find new dining table or stain old one, purchase fireplace tools/etc.

Living room…



To do; finish unpacking and setting up, find and purchase end tables that fit, hang up art work, figure out the window cover situation, paint the front door molding & front side of front door and set up the surround system (Steve’s job).

Bedroom (mine)…


To do, unpack, find entertainment cabinet that works, buy a new dresser, new bed, find window coverings that help with sound.

Here is what I purchased for the room that isn’t working.  While I like the look there they give no privacy nor help with noise reduction (we have a train who likes to visit late at night).


The biggest issue is where to put the tv so it’s not too far away from the bed but isn’t in the middle of the room like it is now.  I want to hang it on the wall, Steve doesn’t. 



To do;  paint the bottom color (same color as in lroom/kitchen), find and hang curtains, unpack, organize (since its the storage room as well), set up computer/desk/etc., find and purchase a good desk chair –  did I mention unpack?  The room is over flowing with stuff since it was the put it there if you don’t know where else to put it spot.  I did the least work on this room – only touching up the red paint and shampooing the carpet.  I don’t have the energy to do more right now.  Maybe in few months I’ll tackle it.




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