Bar stools at last

24 02 2009

Finally I found some bar stools.  I’ve been looking for a month now.  Most new were way too expensive or ugly if cheap.  So I started looking on craigslist…and looking…and looking.  I found 2 ok for ok price but I really need 3.

Finally I found these..




Perfect wood color, seat color, price – right height.  There are 4 but one more than we need can’t hurt (esp since the price is so good).  I’m paying the same for 4 partly used (seller only selling them because she ordered the wrong height) as I would for 2 new… so by tomorrow these will be in our home.  Score!!



Week 6

23 02 2009

New furnace/air conditioning unit/heat pump installed – check

Wireless network running and secure – check

Laptop bought and running great – check

Surround sound system hooked up in living room – check

Cable remote programmed – check

All boxes unpacked and cleaned out of living room – check

Majority of artwork/photos hung/displayed – check

Living room wall coat hook up – check

New sheets bed very comfy – check

Daws’ room cleaned and organized appropriately – check

Bathroom wall cabinet put together and on wall – check

Outdoor table and chairs put together and set up on deck – check

Garbage disposal fixed – check

Garage organized, filled with more stuff  and organized again – check

Living room carpets rearranged for better usage – check

New indoor plants bought and planted – check

Outdoor landscaping started (plans in place) – check

New vacuum bought, making cleaning so easy (thank god) – check

Many things have been checked off the list.  But more still to do.  The office being the biggest issue.  I keep getting distracted with other things and haven’t done much in there.  I only use it for laundry sorting so it’s not high on my list.  I’ll get to it eventually – before the open house – I hope.

Daws has made friends with the neighbor boys and I met their Mom on Friday.  Friday was a beautifully gorgeous day and we spent a good part of it outside.  I just hope we can get the yard to look better than it currently does.  I’ve found some things sprouting up – looks like it could be some flowers – nice!  And some of the bushes look like they could bloom something interesting as well.  I just hope the yard grass isn’t as awful as I think it may be. 

There will be a ton of work to be done once the days start getting warmer.  I really need the next month or so of Saturdays to be warm!  It’s the only day both Steve and I can work on the yard together. 

Here’s some pictures I took last week.  A few changes.  Nothing major.


Daws room art & posters up


Steve enjoying the comfy couch (art hung)


Surround sound speakers (no wires showing – nice!).  That was a major Saturday project. 


No more boxes!


New bathroom cabinet

Will update soon

21 02 2009

Sorry I haven’t updated in a week…boy time flies!  I have some new pictures to post (but I forgot the cord to upload from camera to computer at work) and a few things to share about what’s been going on with the house but it’s late and I’ve been on this thing (new laptop) for almost 2 hrs.  I think it’s time to shut it down.

More later.  Promise.

Week 5 (officially)

13 02 2009

After this week I can say that at week 5 we’ve got a ton done.  Yesterday Steve, for the time in a very long time, got off work early.  He was headed home by 1 so I decided I’d take off early as well.

We managed to get a ton of shit done and I’m so glad since it means we can actually enjoy the weekend instead of working our butts off again.  Steve mostly worked on the garage and I helped a little.  It looks so good.  I forgot to get a picture though – doh!

He also hung up the rest of the shades, put together the medicine cabinet I bought and finished getting up the rest of the outside lights, set up my old bed in Daws room, moved out the futon to the garage (I helped some).  The garage was a huge job in of itself.  I managed to get some stuff done..finally going through some of the boxes in the living room and putting stuff away.  As it stands I have just one box to go through in the living room and finish up the office and we are done with the big projects.  The end is near.  Woo effn hoo!


Finally complete privacy!



I have way too many pictures of Daws I think.  Steve mentioned  this morning how he felt like he lived in a place no one would know he lived in because he’s not “there” .  I told him well give me pictures and I’ll put them up.  Simple solution for 2 issues.  I’d love to get family photos taken but I just don’t want to be photographed right now.


I’m so close in finishing the living room.  One of those boxes is empty.  3 down 1 to go.  Then I have to finish hanging up the rest of the artwork and it’s D O N E!!!


New bed sorta made.  Steve is buying me very nice Egyptian Cotton sheets for Valentine’s Day.  I can’t wait til they get here!!!


Daws room with the bigger bed.  It really didn’t take up much more room and he likes it so it worked out nicely.  As you can see he’s sleeping like a baby.  I snuck into his room and took pics using the flash…he never woke up.  Damn I wish I could sleep like that!  Yes his room still needs quite a bit of work.  He’s not a very well organized child.  I want to get in there and fix it but then I think – why bother – he’ll just have it messed up again soon enough.

Week 5 continued

12 02 2009

picture-002New bed – unmade


New plants (hopefully I don’t kill these)


New towel rods in bathroom (had zero) as you can see the previous owners left us a nice hole where one used to be.


Re-arranged the curtains in the living room.


New shades for doors.  We will be putting up the same type in red in on the kitchen french doors (as soon as Steve gets to it). 


New end table.  It was difficult to find them small enough and when I did I only found one.  I guess it’ll have to do.  Is it bed decor to have end tables that aren’t exactly the same?


New fireplace tools.  Yes we’re using fire logs as well as wood.  So what?? lol


Office curtains.  They do match better than the picture shows here and they look really great from the outside/backside of the house.  I’m debating whether to hang another set of two with these.


My shelf.  Steve hasn’t finished decorating his…it’s much different than mine.


Better shot of the fireplace mantel.  The artwork was done by my grandmother and it’s always displayed prominently in my house even if it doesn’t go with the decor…so it’s on the mantel for all to see and enjoy.  I love it!

Lots done but the list keeps on growing.  I tried to clean out the garage by dumping the boxes (many) we don’t need but the trash men were at my house at 8:03 as I was putting the boxes into my car to dump at the curb.  Everytime I go in the bathroom I see something else that needs to be done.  Daws room is a nightmare and we are putting my old queen bed in there now so more work added.  I rarely even spend time in the living room so there are still boxes to unpack and the surround sound/dvd player & Wii still isn’t hooked up.  I think the only room done close to 100% is the kitchen.  And I found out the tv in Daws room isn’t getting the cable channels right.  I think it has to do with the damn remote that I don’t know where the hell it is that and the universal remote that can’t seem to get one function to work right.  Hmm…wonder if I can find the manual, ugh!  The work will never end!!!

Week 5

11 02 2009

Friday will be 5 weeks since I signed the final paperwork and became a home owner. 

I’m exhausted!  I haven’t had a day in which to rest, relax and just chill in 5 weeks.  It’s finally hit me and today I can barely keep my eyes open.  And there is still so much to do.  Who knew it’d be so much work? Not me!

I took some pictures with my camera phone the other day of some new things we’ve done over the past few days.  I wanted to take some better pictures with the camera but have been too busy the past couple nights.  Monday we had cable/internet installed and last night we went out and bought a new bed.  I hope to get better pictures tonight but I have a feeling I’ll crash after grocery shopping.

Here is what I have for now…

towel-rod-bathroom-pickitchen-with-towel-rod-up  Bathroom

fireplace1mantel Fireplace mantel

kitchen-with-plantliving-room-feb-2009 Kitchen & Living room

When did Sunday become a day of work??

9 02 2009

Apparently now since Saturdays we never seem to get enough done.  Saturday we managed to get one of the motion lights up (one was broke) and some towel rods in the bathroom. 

So Sunday was spent getting more stuff at the Belton house, fixing up the office for the cable to be installed plus all the other normal house stuff that has to be done. 

I’m tired!

I just came across this picture of the living room when I first saw it…


It looks so much different now…


And it even looks different than this picture taken last week.  I guess I need to get a new picture now that more things are put up.

Monday night photo (from phone so not the best)…