Day 15-17

26 01 2009

Another long weekend of work.  I worked harder this weekend than any other before.  I’m exhausted!!  I took some time off Friday in the hopes I would get enough done not to have to do so much work Sat/Sun.  That didn’t happen. 

Friday I worked on the wall around the front door.  I had to prime and paint it.  As the primer dried I started the living room molding.  I was there until about 6.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get more done. 

Saturday I was up early.  We had to take my broken dryer to a place to get fixed so I borrowed my Dads rendevous.  We then packed it up with lots of stuff and headed over to Greenwood.  I started on the rest of the moldings while Steve worked on the molding he’d taken down from the dining area.  He had the easiest job I think.  Not only did he have the easiest job of painting moldings after than he did no more painting.  I made a deal if he cleaned the entire bathroom I’d do the rest of the trim in the bathroom and start on the white of the bedroom.  He’d help me with it when he was done.

And as it goes with men. You make a deal and you do your part and more – they don’t finish there part.  I painted all the trim in the bathroom, started the white in the bedroom (which included molding, doors, and two shelf units) and he started the bathroom.  He decided at 8:40 he wanted to buy a new toilet seat instead of cleaning it.  Since he left so late he missed Home Depot and had to go to Walmart – much farther away.  He was done until almost 10.  Mean while I had finished the entire bedroom myself.

We also had the new couch delievered and set up the living room (mostly).  Here are some of the photos I took.  I think it looks like it could be in a magazine – at least that’s what Daws said when he first saw the 2nd picture – and I agree.




I don’t  have pictures of the bedroom.  I was way too tired Sat. night to take any.  I didn’t make it home until 11.  I’ll take some this week. 

Sunday I did manage to get some pictures but only of Daws painting.  Sunday we painted his room.  I was going to leave it up to him and see how it turned out but realized soon he wasn’t going to be too good at the trim.  While Daws did an excellent job at most of the painting I still managed to do about 1/3 of his room with him.  The poor baby was exhausted by the time we finished.  We started at 1:30 and weren’t done and cleaning up until 5:30.  He did take a couple short breaks and one longer break while I shampooed carpets.  I don’t have full after pictures but I do have during pictures of Daws painting and a video. I’ve posted the video on my facebook page if you’d like to see it.






2 responses

28 01 2009

It’s looking awesome, woman! You’ve got a great kid, too 🙂
Do they do registries for new homeowners (like for weddings and babies)? You should totally register somewhere for stuff you want/need. And like, tell me where you registered? So I can get you something 🙂

28 01 2009

Thanks S!! Yes Daws is a great kiddo!! I’ve considered a registry since you’re like the 4th person to ask me what I needed for the house. Maybe I’ll do an updated wish list at amazon or I’ll look into target -they have lots of stuff I’d like. lol

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