Day 14

23 01 2009

I bought a new couch (sectional) and ottoman.  I’ve been shopping online to narrow down exactly what I wanted.  And yesterday I finally decided to go with my one of my top 3 choices. 

It’s being delivered tomorrow. I forgot to measure the living room space this morning when I went over there to do more painting.  I’m leaving work to head back out there to do some cleaning and more painting to hopefully be ready for it to be delivered.  I’m so excited.  I haven’t had any new furniture in years – minus the new entertainment center for the tv.  I’ve had the same wooden futon couch for over 5 years.  It was time for some grown up furniture.  I went with something without leather so it’ll be easier to clean.  I really wanted recliners but this couch is so comfortable and the perfect size (or so I hope). 

This picture gives you the best shot of the true color – light tan…


I looks way grey in this picture but it’s not – dumb flash…





One response

8 02 2009

GORGEOUS couch! I wish there were furniture stores here because we need a new couch in a BAD way.

Woman, you are braver than me with the light color fabric. Of course, it helps that you don’t have snotty dirty toddlers running around trying to tear up anything pretty. 🙂

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