Day 13

21 01 2009

While I didn’t accomplish much on Tuesday, Steve and my Dad sure did.  Like I mentioned before they changed around the cabinet/fridge (which wasn’t an easy task), took down the old like and put up my new light.  They also fixed the issues I had in the tub/shower. 

And while it was so nice to have all those things done – it would have been nicer if they’d cleaned up after themselves.  I knew my Dad was like this – he is great about doing jobs for me but never cleans up.  Steve was there last night so I made him clean up some of his mess.  lol  Steve also weather stripped the doors that badly needed it and took down all the vents for me to clean (and boy were they gross).

Which was about the only thing I did yesterday – clean.  Clean up their mess, clean up my mess, clean the vents and take out the trash.  I did take get the new curtains up in the kitchen too but that was way easy.

And here are the new windows…


Please excuse the mess.  I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping that shelf there or not.  While it’s convenient it’s not at all attractive.




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