Day 12

20 01 2009

Day 12 and I’m crossing my fingers I don’t have a major problem on my hands.  I left work for a bit to meet my Dad and St to see figure out what we were going to do about the fridge/cabinet issue.  All went well and they moved them around and it actually looks better than the previous set up.  I forgot to take a picture so I’ll have to post one later.  I didn’t think of taking a picture since I was overly stressed about the heating issue.  We were there an hour and we realized while the heat seemed to be running it wasn’t warming up.  Sure enough warm air was not coming from the vents.  Urgh! Wtf?? 

I’m crossing my fingers it’s a simple thermostat issue because we (actually I did) figured out that if you didn’t push the switch over hard enough the green light and the fan wasn’t coming on.  Please, please, please be a minor issue like a thermostat.  We left since Steve had a meeting and I had to get back to work.  I’m praying for a phone call telling me “it’s nice and warm in here now – no worries”.

In staying with the positive theme – I finally solved the kitchen window dilema.  Last night I was looking at curtains for Daws’ room (found them on clearance for 11 bucks – woohoo) and I found some curtains I thought could possibly work for the kitchen window.  Which would save me a ton in costs.  I’d thought I’d have to get a custom blind which would be more than I wanted to shell out.  At first I didn’t think the curtains would work – I’d bought two sizes – one was too short, the other too long.  But then I had the bright idea of using a tension rod inside the window and when hanging it that way instead of on top of the molding it was a perfect fit.  Plus the bonus of not covering up the moldings around the window- which is my preference – makes me very happy.  It looks pretty good.  I didn’t get a picture (heat issue). Also, I only bought 2 curtains and needed three plus 2 more tension rods so it wasn’t all up looking perfect just yet.  But something I thought would cost 150 or more ended up costing me about $40.  Nice!

Here’s a picture of the curtains from the package…


Yes, more red. It’s a theme in my house. The wall color in the kitchen will be the same color as one of the stripes in the curtains and the red will coordinate well with the other red in the livingroom.

Steve just called – the heat is working – thank god!! And he also send me some pictures.

Cabinet and fridge before and after…



Not only is this layout more manageable it looks much better I think.

Kitchen window…


I can’t wait to get out there tonight and get them all put up…mostly so we’ll have privacy finall… but also because it’ll look so much better.  Not great just yet – not with the purple walls but that will change soon enough.




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