Day 12 continued

20 01 2009

The kitchen lighting in the house was this..


I was going to try to go the cheapest way and paint the ugly fixture with some texture spray paint.  The ballast needed replaced as well.  I bought one last night.  It wasn’t the right one.  So now we are going with what I originally wanted to do and we are replacing the entire fixture with this..


And I picked it out online while Steve and my Dad was at the store.   I just hope it looks as good on my ceiling as it does online.

Here it is in the kitchen now…





2 responses

21 01 2009
Emma Dog

Everything looks great so far! I am curious, though, about the kitchen light. The ONE place I always seem to want crisp, bright light is in the kitchen (and the bathroom mirror, much as I hate what it reveals! lol). The shade you picked out is beautiful, but I wonder if you’ll want more lights, “cleaner” lighting (without the softening of the colors of the shade) in the kitchen. I can see this light over the diningroom table.
Your sense of style is 1000000X better than mine, though. I’m sure it will all be fabulous for you in the end.

21 01 2009

Thanks C! You are totally correct in your thinking – that’s what I thought at first as well but since the light uses 2 bulbs it’s actually pretty bright in there. Plus there are two lights above the kitchen sink if I want to make it extra bright for cleaning etc. If I had a true dining room the light would be perfect for it – but I don’t. 😦 I’m not sure if my sense of style is all that – but I try. And so far things are starting to really come together!!

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