Finding the house

19 01 2009

The story to decide to purchase this particular house goes something like this.  I’ve had a goal of home ownership for about 5 years.  I wanted to give Daws the stability he hasn’t had before and I wanted to have a home that was mine – to do with as I pleased.  After much hard work I finally was able to start looking for our new home.  I began looking a year ago and was discouraged by what was available in the area I wanted to live.  I began looking again in December 2008 thinking it could take me many months to find what I was looking for.  I called the agent I’d been working with and we started the process once again.  Within a week I’d found the home in Greenwood and put in an offer.  Yes, much quicker than I’d anticipated.  It had everything I looking for (3 bdrms, garage, quiet area, LS school district, character) minus one thing (an additional bathroom).  There were some crazy moments along the way to closing…like a busted water pipe in the garage…but things (for the most part) went better than expected.  The house was a foreclosure and orginally I didn’t expect anything to be fixed (like the back door and garage door) but still I asked and the bank agreed.  I closed on the house on January 9th 2009.  We have yet to move in since there is much work to be done before we do.  Our move in date is January 31st. 

Here’s the front of the home as I first saw it…


The back…


And a few other misc shots that will be more important later…


Many more before pics are on my flickr page here.




3 responses

19 01 2009

nice place!

19 01 2009

The house or the blog?? LOL

8 02 2009

The house is amazing! Very, very nice!

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