First 10 days

19 01 2009

I closed on a Friday night and with key in hand headed to Lowe’s to get all the things needed to start the process of repainting all the rooms.  Yes, every room.  Well sorta – at that time I had decided I wouldn’t repaint the kitchen – that plan has since been changed.  Saturday the 10th was our first day of working on the new house.  And as one would expect we found all kinds of fun things to work on, fix, clean, redo in some form or another.  The list of things to do just kept getting longer and longer.  The stresses of new home ownership had started right off the bat.

I picked out all the colors for the rooms, Daws picked his room color and we were off to start the work.  Our first major project was taking down wallpaper.  It took all day that first day of work.  Of course there were breaks but in total I bet it took 3 hours to get that crap down.  Here is the before picture…picture-0391

And the after..


I didn’t get a good picture of just the wall after but this one shows enough of how crappy it looked after the wallpaper came down.  I took this picture to show the new rugs I purchased for the living room.  It’s all hardwood floors in there and it needed pretty area rugs.  I love these…especially since I got such a good deal on them!

The second day of work was on Sunday.  Daws was a huge help to me that day helping me to prime the god ugly bathroom to prep it for the much better colors I’d picked out.  I didn’t get a picture of the after – once the priming was done – but I will show the before and after bathroom later.  We knocked out the priming of the bathroom on Sunday as well as cleaning carpet to see if they would need to be replaced.  One room is good, the other I will want to replace.

That following week Daws and I went to what we are referring to as the Greenwood house every single night except one.  I still don’t understand how I was over there so much and not much seemed to get accomplished.  I should have started this blog earlier and maybe I could remember just what I was working on each night.  We did finish the first coat of paint in the bathroom that I know for sure.  I finished the bathroom minus the molding last Saturday the 17th. 

Here’s the before and after of the bathroom…



Saturday I finished the bathroom, finished my bedroom (which included the trim & the ceiling) and started the primer in the living room entirely by myself in less that 3 hours.  My helpers were no help until later that evening when we knocked out the painting of the living room walls.  Sunday the 18th I did the second coat of the living room walls and most of the trim, again all by myself.  Today Monday I’m exhausted.  But we did get alot done.

Living room before and after..





Bedroom before and after…



Yes the bottom half isnt’ fully done.  I’m doing all the white throughout the house this week and into the weekend (hopefully just the week).




2 responses

19 01 2009

Very nice color choice in the bathroom! Love the area rugs too! 🙂 Congrats again on your house. Any plans to add on that 2nd bathroom someday?

19 01 2009

Yes Skye def on the bathroom. It’ll be costly though and there are other big projects ahead of it so by the time I get to it I may not need it – Daws will be off to college. lol

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