Dig a tunnel

30 09 2010

Last weekend Daws and I dug some more holes for planting.  Dig a tunnel (from Lion King) kept repeating in my head as we were digging the holes.  Last year we planted over 50 bulbs and I was very disappointed in how many tulips didn’t come up.  Less than half actually bloomed.  I love tulips so I thought I’d try it once more and plant some in a different spot and more in one of the spots where they actually did bloom.  Planted about 30 this time, very cool purple and pink.  Hopefully next spring they’ll be a ton of tulips around this house. 

I’m debating doing some more work on the backyard where the grass doesn’t seem to want to grow around the tree (the one hit by lighting a few months ago).  I’m so sick of looking at that area, it looks like crapola.  Hundreds of dollars later the grass died after only a couple months growth. 

Did I mention I’m sick of yard work.  It NEVER ends!



15 05 2010

Daws and I planted seeds in some of the empty pots in mid April.  They are now growing like crazy (well some of them) – we are just waiting for the flowers to start sprouting.  I’m also including a photo of the front yard area in which we took out all the bricks last week and planted a ton of seed.  I’m anxiously awaiting that growth as well!! (click on photos to enlarge)

Kitchen faucet replacement

15 05 2010

Before and after shots…

New flower beds

9 05 2010

For some crazy reason I didn’t get enough of all the hard work on the flower beds last year so this year it wasn’t enough to just do  some up keep on the work done last year instead I had to create more projects for myself.  I created a  new bed around our large tree in the backyard, extended the side bed next to the deck, planted 100 new bulbs & 20 new plants in all the flower beds and dug up all the crappy brick in around the front yard tree (previous owners had some and crappy job and I was sick of looking at it).

Here’s some of the areas we worked hard on for the past month or so…

Monbretia will be growing on both sides of the red flowers in the front.  Stv killed 3 of the plants with the hose yesterday and when I went to buy replacements I found some of the same kind but in purple and green.  Haven’t gotten a picture of the new look yet though.

Liatris and Dutch Iris will be growing under the window & across and Gladious just to the left of the window and at the end of the bed.

Lilies will be growing here in the front soon.  Roses are in the back and I planted some things in the pots to spruce it up until the lilies grow.

I planted 4 lilies here last year and they are spreading like crazy, I planted 4 news ones this year.  Hopefully next year it’ll be full of lilies!!!

New bed around tree.  I took 8 bags of topsoil and garden soil to fill it.  I planted 2 elephant ears and 4 of the pinkish plants (can’t recall the name).

I took all the bricks out, evened it out and layed town a ton of seed hoping it’ll grow some nice green grass.

New bedroom windows

30 04 2010

Since day one I knew at some point I would have to replaced the windows in all 3 bedrooms.  After getting several estimates and thanks to my nice tax refund I finally got my wish.

Before and after’s….

Daws’ room –

Office –

My bedroom –

Bathroom Updates

29 04 2010

It was finally time to redo the bathroom floors.  I hated the old tiles – they were cold, ugly and not done well.  At the same time we(Steve mostly) did the floors I painted the sink cabinet. We still have to finish it all up with the new mouldings but it already looks 5x better!

Before and after’s…



In process shots…

52 holes

6 12 2009

Dug 52 holes a couple weeks ago to plant tulips -can’t wait til Spring to see them bloom!

The house and yard look so blah after all the leaves have fallen.  It’s so much prettier in the spring/summer and even fall.  The xmas decorations help a bit but only when it’s dark.  I need to get a pic up of the lights.

I moved the living room area around once again – 3 times in 3 months- just can’t figure out what works best. Need to get a pic that too.